A Universal Spotify Discord Bot containing many other useful features. Twitch Live Notifications, Reddit Automatic Posting, XP / Leveling, Custom Rooms & More!

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About Decay

Over the course of the Past 7 Months, I have been continuously working on a piece of software for public use on Discord. And Now, I present the first official Release of Project Decay.

The Project Started after working on a small bot that could play songs, albums and playlists from spotify for my own private server, but I realised this is a feature many people would love to have and make use of in their own server, so I decided to create Decay. By Donating and buying one of the Custom Playing Status options, you are helping to keep the bot online and free to use.

What Can Decay do for You?

Decay is a revolutionary new Discord Bot, created by GrowlingSolid, //FADE2SOFTWARE. There are many great things Decay can do to improve your Discord Server, such as:

Custom Channel Creation:

You can set up a 'Make-A-Room' Channel in your server, that when joined, creates a private channel for the user called 'User's Room' ('User' Replaced with the users nickname / username) You can ban users from joining your private room with !no username, or allow them with !yes username. Alternatively, you can type !makeroom which will do the same as above. All custom rooms will be automatically deleted after 2 Minutes of nobody being in them.

If you do not want this to happen, simply deny Decay the 'Create Channels' Permission in the Discord Roles Editor.

Automatic Reddit Posting

If your server has a Reddit community associated with it or likes a particular subreddit, Administrators can configure decay to automatically post hot posts on Reddit in a specific discord text channel with a configurable interval between posts.

Server Notifications for your favourite Twitch Streamers

Administrators can set up Twitch Live Notifications with Decay for their Server in any text channel. Decay will post a message with a link to the stream when they go online, however bare in mind notifications only appear about 2-5 minutes after the stream starts. This is down to a limitation in the Twitch API and not an issue fixable with Decay.

Advanced Music playing features

Arguably Decay's biggest attraction is its advanced spotify integration. With Decay, you can play an entire Album from Spotify right inside a Discord Voice Channel with one simple command. You can also play an entire playlist of up to 100 songs by providing the playlists share link or searching for it. Playing music from Spotify offers a definite advantage over typical YouTube play (Although you can play YouTube videos with decay). The Album and artist the song is from will show in the now playing message (See above) as well as the song's album cover art.

The command structure is very easy for playing songs and other media:

!play s <Name of Song> - Searches for and plays a single song from Spotify

!play a <Name of Album> - Searches for and plays an entire album from Spotify

!play p <Name of Playlist or Share URL> - Searches for and plays an entire playlist from Spotify

!play y <Name of YouTube Video> - Searches for and plays a video from YouTube

You can choose from a list of results with the above command by using !play <Num> eg. !play 2

!play <Search> - Searches for a youtube video and plays the first result without choosing

Other music commands are available such as !skip, !clear, !qu (Displays the Queue), and !earrape.

XP and Leveling System

Decay has a Leveling system, that can be enabled, disabled and reset with one simple command. Every 50 XP you get, you level up, and Decay tells you this with a customised level up GIF!

Other Commands

Decay also features some other commands such as !twitch <Streamer Name>, Which gets and displays info about a twitch streamer in a text channel, !pic <Subreddit>, Which gets a picture from a particular subreddit, and !del <Number of Messages> Which will delete a certain amount of messages. Only users with the valid permissions will be able to use !del. + Loads more!

What Makes Decay better than other Bots?

It is no secret that there are loads of other great Discord bots that can do similar things to Decay, so why should you choose it over something like Rythm?

The goal with Decay was to create one bot to do all basic tasks. Most servers have lots of different bots for different things, but I believe only one is necessary. Also, Decay has features that are not commonly seen on other popular bots, such as Automatic Reddit posting and playing music directly from Spotify.

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