A social/leveling/economy bot with a minigame inspired by 'Aura Kingdom'. Guess Eidolons by their names, claim them, trade them and more!

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Persephone, the Aura Kingdom Guessing Game!

Persephone is an Aura Kingdom centred bot. It has fun social functions, an exp/credit function and moreover, a special minigame centering around Eidolons!



Eidolon spawn in either a set spawn channel (by doing ,setspawnchannel or the currently active channel in your server. The goal is to claim these spawns by doing ,claim [name] or ,claim [name] [title] for double the stats and possibly some credits 😄. Spawns have randomized stats and a rarity, which decided how high the stats can go. Rarities go from I to V where the V rank is the highest you can get.


Special items can be obtained through drops, quests and special claim rewards. Functions include stat rerolls, rank assurance, gacha, quest items and more.


Giving seasonal and persistent quests (they can be completed as much as you have the required items), making it possible to exchange items for others.


Characters, items and credits can be transferred from user to user within the same interface.


Strong characters are included in the leaderboards. The bot has a daily, weekly and total leaderboard and are available globally or by guild. You can give your character a nickname here to stand out! As well, your own name can be changed for the bot specific to something fun 😄

Other features

  • A chat-related experience system with credits influenced by level.
  • Self-assignable roles and role rewards at levelup (customizable by server admins)
  • Social functions like hugging, f in chat, non-random shipping and more.
  • Server and user information cards.
  • Global Item shop
  • Item/Eidolon gacha

Upcoming features

  • Battle system between Eidolons
  • More minigames
  • More social functions

I hope you'll have fun using my bot! For questions and suggestions, make sure to join the support server!

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Submitted: 01/05/2020

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