Araquiel is a multi-purpose bot that has in-depth modlogs, music features, leveling system that can assign roles, and more!

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Welcome to Araquiel's Wiki


  • Moderation
  • Mass-mention filtering
  • Message filter
  • Warning system
  • High Quality Music
  • Leveling with configurable roles
  • Economy
  • Admin Utilities
  • Interaction
  • Trivia
  • Image Welcome
  • Image Manipulation
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • NSFW
  • Image Generation


```> Ranking (/help Leveler)

Moderation (/help Mod) Music (/help Audio) Cards Against Humanity (/help CAH) Interaction (/help Interaction) AFK (/help afk) Image Generator (/help ImageMaker) Image Manipulation (/help imagemanipulation) Image Welcome (/imgwelcome)```

How can I add Araquiel to my server?

You can add Araquiel to your own server with the following link: Here

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