Quickly learn how to master the art of trading stocks!

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Stock Emulator

Stock Emulator is a revolutionary bot to help you master the art of stock trading.

  • Trade real stocks at real prices with fake money.
  • Don't waste a dime.
  • Practice your stock trading skills.
  • Master the art of stock trading.
  • Quickly learn with no risk at all!


  • Buy, Sell and Request stocks.
  • View graphs and info on stocks.
  • Take and offer loans.

Get Started Today!

To get started with this bot, you can run the ?help command. The bot has various different modules to allow you to do different things. The first module is the actual stock module. This module allows you to buy and sell stock as well as view lots of information on certain stocks. You can run the ?stock command to learn all about this module. The next module is the loans module. This module allows you to take out loans so that you can take bigger risks and make even more money! This module can be accessed via the ?loan command. The final module is the configuration module. With the configurations module, you can do different things like configuring the bot's prefix and prevent bot commands from being used in a specific channel.

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Prefix: ? (changable)

Submitted: Jul 15, 2019 10:05 AM

Edited: Jul 16, 2019 2:26 PM

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