A simple yet powerful bot specialising in automatic moderation, utilities and string/image manipulation developed by reVerb.

General Anime Fun Moderation Utility

jCMD, made with love by reVerb!

jCMD is a simple yet powerful bot specialising in automatic moderation, utilities and string/image manipulation developed by reVerb. Designed with expandability in mind, jCMD is rapidly growing and changing, with very frequent updates and a developer who listens to the userbase.

It is capable of checking invites, message sweeping, and many more fun little things that make your life a teeny tiny bit more colourful.

Super duper quick start

To see the bot's current prefix, just ping it with the prefix command (@jCMD#9945 prefix). You can always check out a specific command's information by doing:

j!help [command] [?...subcommands]

or just nothing else to see all commands:


Let's go deeper: down the command tree!

To ensure that we do not have several separate commands for a single functionality, jCMD adopts a feature called 'subcommands'. For instance, let's look at the structure of j!autodelete:

├── add
├── remove
├── list
└── reset

There are 4 subcommands under j!autodelete, and each of them serves a purpose for the whole functionality of j!autodelete. To execute one of them, you put its name next to j!autodelete like this:

j!autodelete list

Executing commands in DMs

jCMD fully supports executing commands in DMs. Since it is DMs we're talking about, you do not have to include the prefix:

Command in DMs

The no arguments behaviour

Some commands behave differently based on whether you give them arguments or not. For example, the j!prefix command acts differently to serve two purposes:

Prefix command: no arguments


Let's think about it: we are humans and we makes mistakes alllllll the time. Sometimes you might do something wrong while using it, but that's okay - command editing to the rescue! For example, you want to look for emojis with the word foo but you have Alzheimer's:

Before editing

Don't panic! Just edit it back to the correct word and you're good to go.

After editing

Once you have wrapped your head around all of that,

here are a few commands you can start trying out first to get familiar with this sadistically verbose bot:

Command Description
j!prefix See the current prefix or set it.
j!findemoji / emoji Find emojis across all servers the bot is in!
j!str Iterative text processing command. An example: Doing j!str bottom text then sending upper code ita bold yields BOTTOM TEXT
j!demonise A deep-fry like image-manipulation command which makes everything red and creepy. I don't know why this exists, but why not?
j!pasta Spits out a randomly chosen entry from the bot's ever-growing short-and-wierd-but-also-funny pasta list.
j!autodelete Moderation tool for deleting messages of people who left the server. Useful for advertisement-focused servers or those which needs automatic spam prevention.
j!suggest / report Sends suggestions, bug reports and overall feedback to the bot maker! We are very open to suggestions so feel free to do this.
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Submitted: Mar 20, 2019 11:41 AM

Edited: May 24, 2019 6:46 AM