Now you can moderate your server very easy! With commands that can help you on your server and many other things!

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Now moderating your server is easy!


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Use (=setup) to start first!

[] required, () optional, @ requires of an user

Moderation Description Example
ban Ban a user who has had a bad behavior and does not deserve to continue on the server. =ban @Agate#1111 spamming
kick Kick a user who is behaving badly. =kick @Agate#1111 insulting
lockdown Lockdown a channel for: hours, minutes or seconds. =lockdown [1h, 10m, 15s]
mute Mute a user which is being annoying. =mute @Agate#1111 mmm, you again?
unmute Unmute a user. =unmute @Agate#1111 good boy
warn It warns a user who is having inappropriate behavior. =warn @Agate#1111 shitpost
warnings Look at the warnings a user has or you has. =warnings (user)
prefix Changes the bot prefix in the server or see the current prefix. =prefix (prefix)
Server Description Example
server Get the server information, details and more. =server
setrole-bots Sets the automatic role for new bots. =setrole-bots [Role]
setrole-users Sets the automatic role for new users. =setrole-users [Role]
setwelcome Set the welcome / farewell channel for users. =setwelcome [Channel]
staff Get the currently staff active. =staff
General Description Example
help Shows the command list of the bot with detailed information if you want. =help (command)
info Show information about Moderator. =info
invite Invite Moderator to your Server! =invite
settings Show the server configuration of Moderator. =settings
ping Pong =ping

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