One thing many Fortnite: Save the World players, like to do is trade items collected in the game for others. Fortnite FleaMarket is a premiere source of that trading. Our members trade using a standarized ratios of in-game items that is voted on by a council of top traders, who monitor what is and isn't being traded and at what rate they are going for. All this information is gathered, voted on, and then placed into this bot (and a spreadsheet, but who needs that anymore!).

General Games

Command is very simple: m!p x itemA itemB

Where x is the quantity you have of itemA, and itemB is the item you want to trade for.

For example: m!p 100 mal coal or m!p 100 nabs silver

Acceptable commands: m!help

m!p or m!price






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Prefix: m!

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