A multi purpose bot made just for you with Fun, Moderation and Other commands. With updates weekly, we never miss out on our suggestions. Github Page: Bot page:

General Fun Social Utility Moderation

BaitBot - The Bot Made For You In mind. Baitbot is an all-inclusive discord bot that consists of fun, personal, support, prefixless and randomizer type commands! Add this bot now for the best discord experience you've had in a long time.

Designed By Bait#5776 On Discord, This bot is probably one of the most neat when it comes to code and organization, and never misses out on weekly updates and new feature adding.

Here is a markdown of all of our commands! (Commands added and updated very often, use -help with the bot for a full current list)

New commands as of 12/17/18 - -secret PASSWORD YOURSECRET: Save a secret to a special file, never to be uncovered! -see PASSWORD: uncover secrets!!! -----------------USEFUL-----------------

-help: This command, duh.

-info: Displays Bot Information.

-ping: Get bot's connection latency.

-support: Get bot support

-invite: Invite this bot!


-kick/-ban: Kick or Ban a user.


-avatar: Links your profile picture, could be useful…

-pfp @user#0000: Gets a user's profile picture, doesn't only have to be you.


-cat: Gets a random (1/1600) Nekko chan.

-rip: RIP…

-cookie: EAT IT!

-8ball: Ask me questions / advice!

-russia: cyka blyat 😃

-fortune: Grabs 1 of 350+ fortunes for you. enjoy ❤️

-dice (or -roll): Rolls a dice

-roast: Baitbot roasts you HARDCORE. Taken from

-dadjoke: Don't. Just. Don't. Tells an unfunny dad joke.

-randomword: you guessed it. hundreds of words for some reason…


oof: sends a random oof

owo: sends something special from bait

ikr: @User Yeah…

rip: RIP 😦

ur gay / ur mom gay: just dont. Baitbot will roast you.

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Submitted: Dec 17, 2018 1:00 PM

Edited: Dec 19, 2018 11:04 AM