A really loveable simple bot.

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Fox-Project's official discord bot, ready to serve whenever it's needed

Bot Version: 1.5x

Short Explanation of what the bot can do:

FoxBot is a multi purpose kitsune bit that has a couple of cool features such as:

  1. Game stats tracking (!osuS, !osulatest, !csgo etc etc)
  2. Fun commands (!8ball, !rate, !fact etc etc)
  3. Role-playing commands (!hug, !cuddle, !tickle etc etc)
  4. Moderation commands (!kick, !ban, !addrole etc etc)
  5. A pretty basic economy system (!daily, !rep, !work etc etc)
  6. And a couple of toggleable NSFW commands (toggle: !nsfwon, !nsfwoff, !nsfwget, !nsfwtake) (commands: !cum, !randomhentai, !randomhentaigif etc etc)
For any further info or suggestions please use !suggest, tweet us on @CristPZ, join our support server or just DM Akemi#4040 on Discord!
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Prefix: ! (customizable)

Submitted: Dec 19, 2018 11:30 AM

Edited: Dec 26, 2018 8:50 AM