This bot was made for Music, and economy, nothing else.

General Music

Welcome to the Ayuri's bot page!

And also thank you for invite this bot to your server.

Ayuri's Commands

Command Usage Description
play [URL] or [Song Name] You can select music, and play them or just add to the queue by using the URL.
setprefix <prefix> Sets to that bot a prefix to your server.
help Gets help for all commands, or for a specific command if provided
botinfo Shows the bot informations, and the support server!
skip Skips the song.
leave Leaves the voice channel, and with it deletes automaticly the queue.
join Joins to the voice channel.
pause Pauses the music.
resume Resumes the music.
feedback Send a feedback about this bot.
bugreport Send a bug report to my support server.

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Prefix: a!

Submitted: 12/25/2018

Approved: 12/25/2018

Edited: 09/28/2019

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