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T-Series is taking over the world so I decided to make a bot. Probably one of the most useful commands would be getting the sub count and the sub gap command.

General FunMemesEconomy

PewDiePie Discord Bot

General Commands

Name Description
pewdiepie Tells you what I think of PewDiePie in Hindi
disstrack Plays Bitch Lasagna in a voice channel. To disconnect, run ts!disstrack stop or ts!disstrack leave
subcount Shows T-Series' and PewDiePie's subscriber count
subgap Automatically updates the current subscriber gap between PewDiePie and T-Series every 30 seconds. Your server must be authorized to use this feature. Please join the support server to request authorization.
randomvid Returns a random PewDiePie or T-Series video
youtube (yt) Sends you the link to PewDiePie's and T-Series' YouTube channel
spoiler Sends any message you provide as a spoiler in an annoying form

Bro Coin Commands (economy)

Name Description
shovel You work all day by shoveling for Bro Coins
balance (bal) Informs you on the amount of Bro Coins you have
pay Pays another user a specified amount of Bro Coins
leaderboard (lb) Shows the leaderboard for Bro Coins
gamble Gambles all or a specific amount of Bro Coins
steal (rob) Steals from a user
transfer Sends any amount that you specify to another server. The max amount is 50% of your coins
statistics (stats) Statistics on Bro Coin usage

Shop commands for Bro Coin

Name Description
shop View all items (roles) in the shop
shop add Adds a role to the shop (you must have the manage roles permission)
shop edit Edits a role (eg. changes the cost) in the shop (manage roles permission required by user)
shop delete (remove) Removes a role from the shop (manage roles permission required by user)
shop buy Buys an item from the shop (you must have enough coins)

Other commands

Name Description
botinfo Information on the bot
invite Sends the bot invite
feedback This command will send the developer feedback on this bot. Feel free to send suggestions or issues
prefixtut This will give you a tutorial on how to use custom prefixes on the bot
prefix Returns the current prefix which the bot uses in your server

It's a pretty nice bot with more features coming soon!

Made with love by A Discord User#4063

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Prefix: p. or mention

Submitted: 12/15/2018

Approved: 12/15/2018

Edited: 02/02/2019

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