The best security and protection bot. Stops raids before they even happen and has the most powerful auto-moderation features.

General Moderation Social Utility

✘ Protect is a new type of security bot which stops raids before they even happen. It has the most powerful auto-moderation features as well as unique and advanced protection features.


    • Advanced Anti Advertise
      • Bans users that have invite links in their names.
    • Advanced Anti Nicknames
      • Removes invite links from nicknames.
    • Advanced Anti Link
      • Removes invite links from chats.

    • Advanced Anti Raid
      • If 5+ users join your server in 10 seconds or less, the bot will set the server to anti-raid mode for 10 minutes. Anyone who joins the server while anti-raid mode is on will get muted.
      • The verification system is automatically turned off when the server is in anti-raid mode. The bot will turn it back on when it turns off anti-raid mode.
      • This feature will also ban anyone that joins 5+ times in 24 hours. This is used to stop join-leave raids which spam logs, channels and lag some bots.
    • Manual Scans
      • Allows you to scan your server for harmful users. Normal scans ban harmful users that are in your server. Forced scans ban all known harmful users even if they aren't in your server.
    • Auto Scan
      • Every time someone joins your server, the bot will check if they are on the ban list. If they are it will ban them or mute them if it doesn't have permission to ban them.
    • Anti Mention
      • This feature stops mention raids by muting anyone who mentions 10+ users in 1 message.
    • Verification System
      • Forces anyone who joins your server to verify their account before getting access to the server. It uses randomized codes so bots cannot bypass the verification. It doesn't use websites or any anti-robot verification, allowing quick and secure account verification.
    • Warnings System
      • If you have a logs channel set, this feature will warn you about harmful users that join your server.
    • In the future updates we plan to add the following features:
      • Anti-VPN/Proxy - a feature that stops users from bypassing bans using VPNs and proxies.

    • Advanced Anti Spam
      • This feature detects all kinds of spam and will automatically mute anyone who tries to spam your server.
    • Advanced Anti Duplicates
      • Stops users from sending duplicate messages and will mute anyone who does that.
    • Anti Mute Bypass
      • This feature makes sure no one can escape the bot's mutes by rejoining.
    • In the future updates we plan to add the following features:
      • Safe Links - a feature that protects your server from malicious links and automatically removes them.

    • Custom Permission System
      • Allows you to set your own helper, moderator, administrator, manager and owner roles. Also allows you to set a muted role, verified role and ignore roles.
    • Channel Management
      • Allows you to ignore channels that you don't want to be protected by the bot. It also allows you to set a logs channel and verification channel.
    • Support Team
      • The bot has its own support team which will help you with any issues you have with the bot and answer all your questions about it.
    • Auto Restart & Ping Fixer
      • The bot automatically restarts once a day to get rid of useless data. It will also automatically attempt to fix its ping if it gets too high.
    • Suggestion System
      • Allows you to send suggestions and ideas to help us improve the bot.

Prefix: xp!

Use xp!help to see a list of commands.

You can report servers and users who aren't following the TOS and rules with xp!ureport and xp!sreport.

To see the bot's TOS and rules use xp!tos.

For more information contact the support team or use the xp!info command.

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Support server:

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Prefix: xp!

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