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» Nydea have more than ten commands modules, it have all in one. The bot that you see in your dreams, it's here.


Command prefix: ny! or @Nydea#8587

Submitted: Oct 14, 2018 7:52 PM

Edited: Nov 6, 2018 10:11 AM

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— Developed by: LemMagik#6406 —

¿What is nydea?

Nydea is a discord bot that can power-up your server, nydea have all the features that are you looking for, with super-special things that can't do a lot of bots in this time. It was developed in commando framework, is was harder but we developed perfectly nydea, with dedication and good feel. Nydea now have moderation logs and welcome/leave messages!

Special Features

That i mentioned above, i will tell you what are the "SUPER-SPECIAL" things that i mentioned. It is…

Command auto-cancel after 30 seconds.

Command cancel saying cancel.

Double prefix ny!help and @Nydea#8387 help.

¿Unknown prefix? mention Nydea to know the prefix.

Auto-command adding with description.

DM work commands.

Commands needing mention an user, you can use instead ID | USERNAME | MENTION.

Multiple command aliases, watch aliases using ny!alias <command>

Basic commands like help, ping, prefix.

Unknow command response.

Wait for args or the command will be canceled in 30 seconds or you can cancel manually using cancel.

And finally, not importantly information but needed.

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