A multiple purpose bot with cool features Music, Games, Fun, Economy, with the most powerful protection system.

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NourBot - Discord bot

  • A multi-purpose bot with cool features like Music, Moderation, XP & Leveling.

Newest features

  • Protection System
  • New hosting ( Faster bot )
  • Full logs and statistics
  • New website & dashboard

New games added:

  • XO Game =xo
  • who am I Game =whoami

NourBot All Features:

Anti links with toggle on|off

Auto role with toggle on|off

Anti-spam with toggle on|off

Anti-mass ban/kick griefers with toggle on|off

Anti-mass RoleDelete/ChannelDelete Griefers with toggle on|off

Full logging system and statiscis

Ban\kick\ message

Auto promote active members

10 different type of games

Voice online ( Shows you in a category how much people online in voice chats )

Temp voice-chat rooms

  • all these features are 100% configurable!

Are all these features for free?

Yes, Its for free but for a limited time some of these features are from NourBot Plus.

  • Bot still in beta if you found bugs please contact the owner.

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Submitted: Aug 27, 2018 7:22 AM

Edited: Aug 27, 2018 7:22 AM

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