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CatManiaBot Is a Huge project for me, I am always adding things to the bot and making it more enjoyable for everyone! Me and my good friend Gerbs who I met on discord, Had decided a while back to start making this bot together, I first came up with the idea of CatManiaBot when One day, in the server where I had met GERBS, another user suggested a server related to just cats, because their discord account was based on just cats, and I decided to make that server, then I suggested That I made a bot for it since I had previous programming experience, and that's how CatManiaBot had begun! xoxoxo


Command prefix: --

Submitted: Dec 21, 2018 8:12 AM

Edited: Jan 10, 2019 2:13 PM

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Important Links!
CatManiaBot1Bot Twitter Page
websiteBot Website
supportBot Support Server


Name Role
Callum OKaneCallumok2004 Founder/Creator/Developer
gerbsGerbs Co-Founder/Developer


The Bots Prefix Is: --

use --config set channel <#channel> to set log channel!

Some Basic Functions of CatManiaBot:

  • Moderation
    • Some Moderation commands to help your discord server!
  • Fun Features:
    • Some Fun commands for your server members to play around with!
  • Music
    • Feeling bored? Why not listen to some music!
  • NSFW
    • NSFW commands are available, and are better than any other seen before!

CatManiaBot Commands:

Fun Commands:

Cat | What I think of cats!
Embed | i say it, in an embed
Gay | How gay I think someone is!
Hello | I say hello to you!
Pineapple | Don't use this!
Pizza | My Thoughts On pizza!
potp | My Best Server, In ascii form!
Slots | Play a game of slots!
Catgif | Funny gif of a cat!
Joke | I will tell you a dad joke!
Meme | Want a meme, use this!
oof | oof
Pizzagif | Gif related to Pizza!
Rickroll | Never gonna give you up!
time | This will make you laugh!
Gifsearch | Gif related to what you say!
Cowsay | make a cow say something!
Playdough | Epilepsy Warning!
Quiz | Why not take a quiz!\


Ban | Ban a user from the server!
Kick | Kick a user from the server!
Lockchannel | Lock the channel
Mute | Stop a user from talking!
warn | Warn a user!\


Play | I will play your choosen song!
Playing | Current Song Playing!
Queue | Next songs to play!
Volume | Change level of sound!
Pause/Resume | Pause/resume song!
Stop | Clear Playlist, and stop the song!\


coolservers | Some cool servers
Creator | My creator's discord!
credits | People who help develop me!
google | I will google anything!
invite | Add me to your server!
Ping | Bot/Discord Ping!
Stats | Bot and server stats!
suggest | suggest something!
support | links for support!
bump | Grow your server!
Calculate | do some maths
userinfo | Info on any user!
Weather | Get the weather\

There is more! But this is all that can be listed!