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Roleplay Economy


This bot allows you to order pizza directly from your discord account.


Command prefix: pp! (Can be changed)

Submitted: Jan 3, 2019 4:30 PM

Edited: Jan 3, 2019 4:30 PM

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🍕 Order commands: ▫️ pp!order create [order] - Allows you to order a Pizza! ▫️ pp!order mystery - order something completely random! ▫️ pp!order view - Allows you to see information about your order ▫️ pp!order cancel - Allows you to cancel your current order ▫️ pp!order chef [name/id] assign a chef to your order. ▫️ pp!order review [message] - give feedback about your order.

💵 Economy Commands ▫️ pp!eco vote - Claim your daily voting reward! ▫️ pp!eco bal - Check your current balance. ▫️ pp!eco tip [amount] - Tip the person who made your pizza. ▫️ pp!eco leaderboard - Shows a leaderboard of money.

Utility Commands ▫️ pp!util invite - Allows you to invite the bot to your discord. ▫️ pp!util info - Shows information about the bot. ▫️ pp!util discord - join our discord server.

📋 Setting Commands ▫️ pp!settings orderchannel [channel] - Set a channel to order in. ▫️ pp!settings deliverychannel [channel] - Set a delivery channel. ▫️ pp!settings deliveryrole [role] - Set a delivery boy autorole.