A small utility that counts users, bots, online users and other stuff.

General Multiple Languages Logging Utility

Quick setup:

  1. Send mc!topicCounter enable in your favourite channel and mc!newChannelNameCounter members.
  2. Send mc!help to learn more about other commands.
  3. Enjoy your new counter.

What can this bot do?

Image example

Or it can also count how many users are in the server and display it in a channel topic. (see mc!help topicCounter)

This is the default topic counter:

Image example

But with some imagination and good taste it can look like this: (see mc!help setTopic)

Image example


Visit the docs or explore the commands with mc!help, e.g. if you want to know more about mc!topicCounter, send mc!help topicCounter.


This bot is open source, don't be shy and contribute to it by suggesting or improving features


If you need help or examples of commands usage, join the server and ask in #support ->


If you really like my bot or you just want to appear in the mc!donate command, just send mc!donate and click the title, remember to leave your discord tag and a note

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Submitted: 12/02/2019

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