A Discord bot which provides utility & basic moderation to your server.

General Fun Moderation Utility

Reverse is a Discord bot which comes packed with fun commands, basic moderation, utility commands, and much more to make your experience on Discord better. Here are some cool things it can do!

General Commands

  • help [command] - Shows the help manual.
  • ping - Get response time.
  • botinfo - Shows statists for the bot.
  • invite - Sends an invite to add the bot.
  • support - Sends an invite to join the support server.
  • changelog - Recent changes to the bot.
  • uptime - Get uptime.
  • suggest <idea> - Suggest an idea for the bot. I read all suggestions because I'm burnt.

Fun Commands 🎉

  • clap <message> - Make your point by adding claps after every word. 👏
  • poll <question> - Ask a yes/no question to start a poll.
  • cat - Get a random cat image.
  • reverse <text> - Make a backwards message.
  • 8ball <question> - Ask a question and get 1/8 responses.
  • urban <query> - Get a definition from the urban dictionary. (NSFW channel only.)

Utility Commands 🔧

  • avatar [user] - Shows the avatar of a user.
  • channel [channel] - Get information about a channel.
  • listroles - Lists all the roles on the server.
  • roleinfo <role> - Shows information about a role, including the permissions.
  • server - Shows information about the guild/server.
  • user [user] - Shows information about a user.

Moderation Commands 🔨

Tip: If you want logs such as moderation history, create a channel named exactly #modlogs.

  • addrole <user> <role> - Adds a role to a user.
  • ban <user> [reason] - Bans a user from the server.
  • kick <user> [reason] - Kicks a user from the server.
  • lock <channel> [reason] - Locks a channel so nobody can speak in it.
  • massban <users...> | [reason] [-dm (DM upon ban)] - Bans multiple users in 1 message. By default, this will not DM banned users to save time. Separate your reason from users with a bar | and add -dm at the end. This command only accepts mentions so don't do this: massban @user1 @user2 | For being rude to @user3 -dm
  • mute <user> [reason] - Mutes a user in the server.
  • purge [limit=100] - Purges/deletes a given amount of messaegs in the current channel (disabled).
  • unban <user> [reason] - Unbans a user from the server.
  • unlock <channel> [reason] - Unlocks a channel so members can speak again.
  • unmute <user> [reason] - Unmutes a user in the server.
  • createrole <name> [#color] [-h (hoist) | -m (mention)] - Creates a role with given options. Make sure you add the hashtag (#) when adding a color.
  • deleterole <role> - Deletes a role.
  • fixmute - Goes through each channel, adding channel overwrites to the muted role. If there's no muted role, it will create one.
  • nickname <user> [nickname] - Sets the nick of a user. If no nick is specified, the user's nick will be reset.
  • removerole <user> <role> - Removes a role from a user.
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