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Wavy is a blazingly fast Discord bot made for the people, not for money.

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Wavy is a blazingly fast Discord bot made for the 21st century.
Web dashboard URL: Web Dashboard

Wavy is easy to set up and has a large number of commands. Every month or 2 new commands get added, and the bot is online 24/7 without any outages (excluding maintenance). You can set Wavy up via the web dashboard, and if you have a problem you can please join the support server

How do you use Wavy?

Wavy is easy to use. Just invite the bot, and type %help to see the commands and to start using the bot. Want more features? Please go here to enable welcoming, join role, leave messages, Cleverbot, and leveling.


Does Wavy have an economy system? - No, not yet! Wavy will get one in a next update though, so stay tuned.

How many developers work on Wavy? - 1. I (Robert S/That Guy#5275) am the only one that works on Wavy. I do it in my free time, and Wavy is more of a hobby project than anything else. It was first a private Discord bot meant for 1 server, but I decided to open it to the public in late 2019.

I have found an issue or a bug, how do I report it? Please join the support server and send your issue/bug and @ me when you do so.

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Submitted: 06/30/2020

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