I'm a fun companion bot to fit all of your personal needs.

General Fun Moderation Memes

Star Bot

Type $help for a list of my commands.

-Type $links for important links.

-Type $vote to vote for me on DBL, DLA, and BOD.

-Type @Star for a short list on information if you get lost or forget my prefix.

Here Are Some Of My Commands You Can Use Now (There Will Be More Added In The Future)

  • $help - gives you a list of all my commands

  • $avatar - shows you your avatar

  • $report - if I find a channel named "reports" if anyone uses this command I will send a report message to the channel. (Other Users Can Report Other Users)

  • $kick - kicks a user (can add reason)

  • $ban - bans a user (can add reason)

  • $role - gives a user the specified role

  • $embed - embeds a message in the chat (uses normal embed format)

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