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In Elon We Trust, In Thrust We Trust


Discord bot providing a lot of funny (or not) commands related with SpaceX and Elon Musk. Written at the beginning only to collect information about the upcoming start, it developed into a full-fledged bot providing a lot of information about SpaceX and Elon Musk.

Application is written in C# and uses DSharpPlus as Discord client and Oddity as SpaceX API wrapper.

Main features:

  • previous, upcoming and more specialized list of launches (missions with failed landings or to specified orbit? No problem!)
  • counter for the next launch
  • random stuff like SpaceX or Elon's tweet, photo or Reddit topic
  • notifications (you will be notified about all new tweets, Flickr photos, the hottest topics on /r/spacex and upcoming launches)
  • other fun stuff: Elon's quotes, company data and history, random videos, launchpads, rockets and more

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Requires Manage Messages permission to do pagination properly. It will work without it but it won't be that fun.


There is a few methods to call bot command (space between prefix and command is allowed):

  • e!help
  • elon!help



Command Description Required permissions
e!AllLaunches get list of all launches (past and upcoming) None
e!FailedLaunches get list of launches which landings were unsuccesfull None
e!FailedStarts get list of launches where rocket did rapid unscheduled disassembly None
e!GetLaunch [FlightNumber] get information about the launch with the specified flight number (which can be obtained by e!AllLaunches or similar command) None
e!LatestLaunch get information about the latest launch None
e!LaunchesWithOrbit [OrbitType] get list of launches with the specified target orbit (type e!help LaunchesWithOrbit to get list of them) None
e!NextLaunch get information about the next lanuch None
e!PastLaunches get list of past launches None
e!RandomLaunch get information about the random launch None
e!UpcomingLaunches get list of upcoming launches None


Command Description Required permissions
e!RandomElonTweet get random tweet from Elon Musk's Twitter profile None
e!RandomFlickrPhoto get random photo from SpaceX's Flickr profile None
e!RandomRedditTopic get random topic from /r/spacex subreddit None
e!RandomSpaceXTweet get random tweet from SpaceX's Twitter profile None


Command Description Required permissions
e!Changelog get bot changelog None
e!CompanyHistory get list of the most imporatnt events for SpaceX None
e!CompanyInfo get information about company None
e!CoreInfo [CoreSerial] get information about the specified core None
e!Cores get list of all cores None
e!GetEvent [EventNumber] get information about the event with the specified id (which can be obtained by e!CompanyHistory) None
e!Launchpads get list of all launchpads used by SpaceX None
e!Links get list useful links related with SpaceX None
e!Ping pong None
e!RandomElonQuote get random Elon Musk's quote None
e!RandomVideo get random video related with SpaceX None
e!Roadster get information about Roadster launched by Falcon Heavy None
e!Rockets get list of all rockets used by SpaceX None
e!Uptime how long am I working? None


Command Description Required permissions
e!EnableAllNotifications enable all notifications at the specified channel Manage Messages
e!DisableAllNotifications disable all notifications at the specified channel Manage Messages
e!NotificationsStatus get information about subscriptions at the current channel None
e!ToggleLaunches toggle launches subscription (when enabled, bot will post information about next launch) Manage Messages
e!ToggleFlickr toggle Flickr subscription (when enabled, all newest photos from SpaceX Flickr profile will be posted at the specified channel) Manage Messages
e!ToggleReddit toggle Reddit subscription (when enabled, the hottest topics from /r/spacex will be posted at the specified channel) Manage Messages
e!ToggleElonTwitter toggle Elon Musk Twitter subscription (when enabled, all newest tweets from Elon Musk profile will be posted at the specified channel) Manage Messages
e!ToggleSpaceXTwitter toggle SpaceX Twitter subscription (when enabled, all newest tweets from SpaceX profile will be posted at the specified channel) Manage Messages







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Prefix: e! or elon!

Submitted: Sep 13, 2018 5:53 AM

Edited: Jun 12, 2019 6:45 PM