A multipurpose bot with moderation, chat, fun, computer science & math related commands.

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PowerBot is a multipurpose discord bot made using discord.js. Power Bot is now officially public! 😃

Basic Operations Guide

  • The prefix of PowerBot is -.
  • For general help, the support server & additional notes type -help.
  • For the full commands list, type -commands.
  • Each command is called using the prefix, in the following form: -<command> where <command> is the command. For example, to call the command ping, you would type -ping.
  • To check if PowerBot has the correct permissions, just type -checklist. If PowerBot ADMINISTRATOR Permissions: says true then PowerBot has the required permissions to function.
  • Feel free to join this support server if additional help is needed!

PowerBot Features

This is not a command list. Some of the descriptions after the dash are not actually how you use that command. Use -commands in a server with PowerBot or use this commands list link here to find PowerBot's full command list.

  • Announcements - User join & leave announcements
  • Moderation:
    • Admin/Mod Commands - kick, ban, warn, mute
    • Chat Management - purge & lockdown
  • Utility Commands - server info, user info
  • Mathematical Commands - Full Wolfram Alpha integration, basic calculations, find the nth prime, randomize numbers, etc
  • General Chat Commands - Google search integration, YouTube search integration, avatar steal, send DMs using the bot, send embed messages in chat, show all & search server's custom emojis, etc
  • Data & Computer Related Commands - Getting information about your IP address & another IP address (Fully secured by a registered npm API, PowerBot DOES NOT log your IP address), binary, morse, caesar cipher encode & decode integration
  • English Related Commands - Find random words, check if a word is an anagram
  • Fun Commands 😃 - rock paper scissors, party commands


  • AirFusion45 - Owner


  • Chroish#4151 (Discord Tag) - First one to start using the bot before beta & numerous bug reports
  • Peter da Best#2547 (Discord Tag) - PowerBot Beta Tester & bug reporter
  • FlubberGhasted#0741 (Discord Tag) - PowerBot Beta Tester & Reported major input bug
  • Alexander#4377 (Discord Tag) - Multiple bug reports (-rps, -say, anti spam [WIP]) & suggested -party command & Invited PowerBot to multiple servers 😃
  • D A N#7517 (Discord Tag) - PowerBot Beta Tester & requested -wolfram command
  • Peter da Best#2547 (Discord Tag) - PowerBot "anti-crash" Tester (Great effort on trying to crash the bot!) 😃
  • Eton#4446 (Discord Tag) [Github Profile here] - Added customizable welcome command w/ channel selectors. Improved on exsisting welcome msg command. Code further edited by AirFusion.


Here are credits for all the code I used that was from other repositories.

  • -wolfram command code from chalda's Discord Bot here.
  • -botinfo command's uptime calculations code & general ideas/inspiration from Dank-Memer's Dank-Memer here.
  • Majority of bot structure from AnIdiotsGuide's Tutorial-Bot here.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if you find bugs, license issues, missing credits, etc. I am currently only giving out my Discord contact information, but feel free to contact me via Discord. If things become complicated, then I will release my email address.

  • Discord Contact Information: Discord Tag: AirFusion™#1243

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Edited: Nov 20, 2018 9:21 PM

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