The best utility bot that makes your server fancy, automatic and makes things easier to do.

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✘ General is a bot mainly made for utility. It has features that will help out your server and make it fancier.


    • Custom Join & Leave Messages
      • The bot allows you to create your own custom welcome and goodbye messages to announce when users join and leave your server.
    • Custom Join & Leave Channels
      • This feature lets you set your own channels where the bot will announce who joins and leaves your server.
    • Join & Leave Logs
      • The bot make it easy to keep track of who joins and leaves your server with this feature.
    • Auto Roles
      • Whenever someone joins your server if a member role is set the bot will automatically give it to the new user.
  • – UTILITY – -

    • Self Roles
      • The bot allows you to create custom self roles that users can assign them to themselves and remove them from themselves.
    • User Lookup
      • Not many bots have this feature so we decided to give you access to it. This feature lets you get information on any discord user just by looking up their ID.
    • User & Server Information
      • This feature allows you to get basic information about members and servers.
    • Custom Permissions System
      • The bot lets you create a personal permission system by setting staff roles.
    • Custom Suggestion Channels
      • This feature lets you create your own channels where users can give their suggestions.

    • Log Channel
      • You can set your own logs channel where you can see what the bot does in the background.
    • Support Team
      • The bot has its own support team that will help you with any issues you have with the bot.
    • Auto Restart
      • The bot automatically restarts once a day to remove unnecessary data which allows the bot to work faster.
    • Ping Fixer
      • The bot has a system that will automatically fix the bot's ping if it gets too high.
    • Suggestion System
      • You can suggest features to us at any time with this feature.

Prefix: xg!

Use xg!help to see a list of commands.

To see the bot's TOS and rules use xg!tos.

For more information contact the support team or use the xg!info command.

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Submitted: 01/05/2019

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