A multipurpose bot featuring 400+ reaction anime gifs, full moderation and custom server settings commands, logging many others and features

General Moderation Anime Logging Utility


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  • >ban <members> [reason]

    Bans the specified members for an optional reason

  • >kick <members> [reason]

    Kicks the specified members for an optional reason

  • >mute <time> <members> [reason]

    Mutes the specified members by assigning the the Mute Role that has been set with the >set muterole <role> command, optional reason. Time format: 0h or 0m. Eg: >mute 2h @Sophie smells bad

  • >unmute <members> [reason]

    Unmutes the specified members by unassigning the the Mute Role that has been set with the >set muterole <role> command, optional reason

  • >prune <number>

    Bulk deletes a number of messages (max. 100). Aliases: purge, clear

  • >warn <members> [reason]

    Warns the mentioned members for an optional reason

  • >addrole <role> <target>

    Adds a role to the specified target(member or role). Role can be given by id, name, or role mention. Target can be a member id, member name, member mention, all, humans, bots, a role, role name or role id.

  • >removerole <role> <target>

    Removes a role from the specified target. Details same as above

  • >report <members> [reason]

    Reports the mentioned members to the server owner for an optional reason

    For supporters only

  • >help [command]

    Shows all commands or help about a specific command

  • >setup

    Shows all server configuring commands

  • >settings

    Shows an overview of the server's enabled or disabled settings. note: certain functions are toggled off by default and you have to toggle them on using the >toggle command

  • >serverinfo

    Returns information related to the server: Icon, Onwer, Region, Member Count, Emoji Count, Text, Voice Channels and Roles

  • >userinfo [member]

    Returns information related to a user: Icon, Full Name, ID, Status, Presence, Highest Role, Join Date, Account Creation Date, Roles or Key Permissions

  • >botstatus

    Returns information related to the bot: Icon, Language, Ping, Api Ping Time, Bot Uptime, System Uptime, Guilds/Users, System Info and useful links

  • >changelog

    Returns information about the bot version

  • >invite

    Returns the bot's invite link

Reactions (400+ unique gifs)
  • >kiss [members], hug, cuddle pat, lick, tickle, bite, poke, pinch, slap, blush, mad, scared, tired, sleep, yawn, cry, run, nervous, pout
  • >say <text>

    Deletes the original message and then returns its contents

  • >embed [text]

    Deletes the original message and embeds the text into a cute embed

  • >dice

    Rolls the dice, pretty straightforward

  • >8ball <text>

    Emulates the 8ball game

  • >team <text> <text> <text>…

    Returns an embed seperating the arguments randomly into 2 teams

  • >ship <args1> | [args2]

    Returns how compatible 2 people are with each other (99% of ships have sailed)

  • >fight <args1> | [args2]

    Fight with people and see who is the strongest

  • >rps <rock or paper or scissors>

    Emulates a rock, paper, scissors game with the bot

  • >movie <movie name>

    Returns information about a movie taken from the OMDB Api. Returned Info: Title, Release date, Runtime, Genre, Director, Writer, Plot/Summary, Imdb rating*

  • >urban <word or phrase>

    Returns information about a word or phrase taken from Urban Dictionary\nReturned Info: Definition, Author, Upvotes & Downvotes and an example

  • >weather <city or area>

    Returns weather information for the specified city or area. Returned Info: What the weather looks like, Date, Timezone, Temperature, Humidity, Wind and obervation point

  • >fortnite <platform> [username]

    Returns fortnite stats for the specified user on the specified platform(pc, xbox, ps4)\nReturned Info: Solo/Duo/Squad Wins, Kd, Matches Played, Kills

    For supporters only

  • >itunes <type> <item>

    Returns information from iTunes about a product. Types are: music, movie, podcast, audiobook, ebook, software, all. Term all will return 10 results with that correspond to the name regardless of their category

    For supporters only

  • > dog, shibe, cat, bird, fox, lizard

    Fetches animals pictures

  • > chuckjoke, punchjoke, dadjoke

    Returns jokes, easy right?

  • >comic

    Fetches a random comic

  • >fakeid

    Returns an embed containing fake user infomation (Name, Gender, Age, Region, Phone number, Email, Password)

  • >advice

    Returns random advice

  • > dogfact, catfact

    Returns a random fact, that's all

  • >insult

    Returns a random fancy insult. Try not to offend anyone

  • >size [member]

    Returns the size of your pickle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 100% accuracy. Aliases: pickle

  • >color <type> <specify color or random>

    Returns information about a specified or random color. Type can be either rgb or hex. In case of rgb you have to specify 3 values between 0-255. In case of hex you have to specify a hex value

Server Configuring/Settings

Toggle, add/remove, set require Administrator permissions

Toggle (on/off)
  • >toggle modlog

    Enables or disables moderation logging

  • >toggle chatlog

    Enables or disables chat logging

  • >toggle changelog

    Enables or disables guild/member change logging

  • >toggle filter

    Enables or disables chat filtering

  • >toggle welcomemessages

    Enables or disables welcome messages, when a new member joins the server

  • >toggle leavemessages

    Enables or disables leaves messages, when a member leaves the server

  • >toggle invitelinks

    Enables or disables discord invite link deletion

  • >toggle links

    Enables or disables link deletion (any link)

  • >toggle autorole

    Enables or disables the automatic role assignment when a new member joins

Add or Remove
  • >add/remove filter <word>

    Adds or removes a word from the filtered words list. Members who type that word will get their message deleted Dms member

    Limited at 10 words, 20 words for supporters

  • >add/remove linkchannel <channel>

    Adds or removes a channel from the list of ignored channels. Channels added to the list will get ignored when links are posted

  • >add/remove autorole <role>

    Adds or removes a role from the auto role list. When a user join the will get assigned all of the specified roles

    Limited at 1 role, 10 roles for supporters

  • >add/remove blacklist <id>

    Adds or removes an id from the blacklisted ids. If a blacklisted user joins the guild they get banned instantly Logs to modlog and dms the banned user

    Limited at 10 ids, 50 ids for supporters

  • >set modlog <channel>

    Sets the channel for moderation logging

  • >set chatlog <channel>

    Sets the channel for chat logging. Logs edited/deleted messages, bulk deletions

  • >set changelog <channel>

    Sets the channel for member/guild change logging

  • >set welcomechannel <channel>

    Sets the channel in which the bot will welcome new members

  • >set welcomemessage <message>

    Sets the welcome message

    You can add (–mention, --username, --id, --created) in the message. When the the message will get sent they will be replaced by the new member's tag, username + discriminator, id, and date that their account was created

    eg. >set welcomemessage Welcome --mention to the server (–id)

  • >set leavechannel <channel>

    Sets the channel in which the bot will say goodbye to members that left the guild

  • >set leavemessage <message>

    Sets the leave message

    You can add (–username, --id, --created) in the message. When the the message will get sent they will be replaced by the user's username + discriminator, id, and date that their account was created

    eg. >set leavemessage Sayonara --username (–id)

  • >set prefix <prefix>

    Sets the server's prefix. It can only be 1 character long

  • >set mentions <number>

    Sets the mention limit that a message can have. Set to 0 to disable. Can only be higher than 2.

  • >set muterole <role>

    Sets the role which will be assigned when a member gets muted with the >mute command

List or Show
  • >list filteredwords

    Lists all filtered words

  • >list linkchannels

    Lists all channels in which link deletion is disabled

  • >list <autoroles>

    Lists all auto the roles that will be autoassigned when a new member joins

  • >list <welcomemessage>

    Shows the welcome message with you as the new member

  • >list <leavemessage>

    Shows the leave message with you as the left member

  • >list <blacklist>

    Lists all the blacklisted ids, >add blacklist <id> to add the list

  • >list <warnlog> <user>

    Lists the last 10 warnings of the specified user

Note: When calling a list/show command, roles and channels that have been deleted from the guild but they still exist in the database will get removed

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