Nanana is a discord bot inspired by Nanana's Buried Treasure. The bot's primary function is to increase activity in your server and make it more lively with fun commands!

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Nanana Ryūgajō (龍ヶ嬢七々々) is the female lead of the series Nanana's Buried Treasure img





  • ,help => Brings up a list of commands
  • ,anime => Brings up information about an anime
  • ,image => Brings up an image specified (or can use random also)
  • ,quote => Brings up a quote from the anime specified
  • ,say => Says something specified
  • ,owofy => It "weebifies" your message (Example: "Hello, my name is Nikki" => "hewwo, m-my name is nykki :3")
  • ,report => reports an user to the mod (not literally)
  • ,wanted => brings up an wanted poster of your avatar
  • ,wreckit => wreckit Ralph meme with your bot
  • ,religion => a meme command
  • ,karen => another meme command
  • ,approve => approves your user avatar
  • ,tinder => matches you with mentioned user
  • ,02 => 02 meme

Nanana is a alpha α development bot (very much under development)
If you find any bugs, please report it to the official bot server

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Submitted: Jun 14, 2018 12:27 PM

Edited: Jul 19, 2018 7:46 AM

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