Sherlock is a bot that provides awesome features - cool server stats, config options, miscellaneous fun commands, utility commands, logging, etc.

General Fun Utility Logging Moderation

Sherlock was made with the sole purpose of increasing server activity - to make your server rise from the dead, or let's say, to make it grow significantly faster.

Some Major Commands Include -

šŸŒŸ !stats šŸŒŸ - Generates the current stats for your server - a quick, partly graphical and well-worded description denoting how active your server has been recently, and also showing some interesting figures to astonish you! šŸ“ˆ

šŸŒŸ !config šŸŒŸ- Various options to configure the bot for your server - you can have any prefix for the commands you want, select a logging channel, have your own custom greeting messages when members join, disable any command(s) from the entire server (or even from particular channels) and a lot more! āš™ļø

šŸŒŸ !tag šŸŒŸ - Allows creation of tags - Oh yeah, why repeat something frequently when you can just use a tag? šŸ”–

šŸŒŸ !seen šŸŒŸ - See when the user was last seen on any server! Pretty cool, right? āœ“

šŸŒŸ !newpoll šŸŒŸ - Creates a new poll instantly in the channel where this command is used! And the members can vote by simply adding reactions! šŸ“Š

šŸŒŸ !mergetar šŸŒŸ - A fun command that can be used to merge upto 4 avatars to generate an all-new avatar! Interested? šŸ–¼ļø

And did I say that it also contains a real lot of utility commands like !dict, !youtube, !imdb, !pokedex, !eightball and really a lot, lot more! It's Sherlock, after-all!

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