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Utility Moderation Fun


A multipurpose bot for fun, moderation, utility, and more that allows you to call other servers.


Command prefix: k,

Submitted: Dec 7, 2018 5:17 PM

Edited: Dec 7, 2018 5:17 PM

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Kendra, the multipurpose phone bot

Kendra is an actively developed bot that not only has fun, moderation, utility commands, but a phone command for calling other servers, and combines features from popular bots. New commands are added to Kendra often.

Use k,help to see all commands that Kendra has.

Some commands that Kendra has include:

  • k,phone - call and connect with other servers!
  • k,8ball <question> - ask the magic 8ball!
  • k,choose <choice 1> <choice 2> ... - have the bot choose something for you!
  • k,rate <something> - rates anything from 1 to 10
  • k,blackjack - play blackjack with the bot!
  • k,invert [image URL] - inverts the colors of an image
  • k,meme - fetches a meme
  • k,ban <user> - bans a user from a server
  • k,kick <user> - kicks a user
  • k,purge <1-99> - deletes messages from a channel
  • k,google <search terms> - searches Google
  • k,reddit [subreddit] - gets posts from Reddit
  • k,urban <term> - searches the Urban Dictionary
  • k,play <YouTube URL> - plays music
  • k,avatar <user> - gets a user's avatar and URL
  • k,serverinfo - gets detailed server info
  • k,userinfo [user] - gets detailed info for a user

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