Vortex is a multi-purpose discord bot that is capable of doing many things. Vortex is an all-around bot that has features such as music commands, moderation command, fun commands, and utility commands. Vortex's purpose is to help the user to have a good moderation system while being still simple, Vortex is also here to provide users with minimal lag music for a great experience.

General Music Moderation

= Moderation = - Do you want simple but effective moderation commands? - No problem, Vortex has many moderation commands to help keep your server safe.

= Music = - Wanna chill out and play some music? - Vortex will help you with that! - High-Quality Music with minimal lag.

= Info = - Do you want to create polls without any hassle? - You can create a poll with yes or no questions. There will be many more update's coming to this bot

This background is not owned by me and I have no ownership over it

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Submitted: Nov 11, 2018 1:28 PM

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