If you have an organized server in Discord, then this bot is an essential. This bot is the perfect bot for keeping your server professional. It allows members to apply for a position in your Discord server without having to leave Discord itself.

General Utility

Why AppBot?

"lol appbot that sounds so noob ecksdee ecksdee xD xD"

AppBot is more powerful than it looks.

AppBot is a bot made for staff applications. Here's why.

AppBot is Built for Discord.

AppBot is made as a replacement to things like Google Forms. Users can get things done faster by applying within Discord instead of going to an external site. Staff members reviewing applications won't have to give out their email just to review applications - a role can be set to do the job. The bot will send a customizable message if the applier gets accepted/denied. He/she can receive a role given by the bot upon being accepted.

Customizable Top to Bottom

AppBot is customizable from the beginning to end. Personalize your bot's application(s) from the introduction, the custom amount of questions, the autorole, to the custom acceptance message. You can even change the color of all embeds in the bot.

Feature Packed

A ton of the features have already been mentioned, but here is a fully compiled list of features in the bot.

  • Infinite application formats (Appliers can apply for moderator, builder, etc.)
  • Up to 50 Questions per application (no one needs that many)
  • Customizable introduction for each application (Tells the applier basic information like "Be honest on your application!")
  • Automatic role assignment upon applier getting accepted
  • Custom acceptance message
  • All messages are embedded (In a box with a colored strip on the side)
  • Set a role to allow reviewing/editing applications
  • Set a channel to log application-related actions (accepting, creating, denying, etc.)
  • Customizable theme (embed colors can be changed)
  • Customizable prefix(es)
  • Custom emotes and reactions as buttons
  • All application actions are in a DM with the bot to maintain privacy

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