Massive anime image library. Filter your search, Grab the source, Bookmark your favorites and Share it with friends!

General Anime Fun Social Memes

Update v.3.1

  • \deepsource <imageURL or Upload> — Using GofvenX DeepSearch algorithm to find sources of art/manga/anime images

  • \nsfw — Using Danbooru API with alot of filters to bring the best results

  • Reduced Ratelimits = More image requests!


Below is a quickstart of some of the core commands & features

A full list of commands and features are accessible at!


Get Cute SFW Manga Art with \sfw

Feature 1

Get the source and tags easily with \source [ImageID]

Feature 1

Bookmark your favorite \bm add <imageID>

Feature 1

And more! Find all features & commands at!

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