Specialized bot that has only two purposes: ▶ Send cute SFW anime images! ▶ Send crappy memes! This bot has one of the largest user-picked SFW image library in discord, this collection has been going on since 2016! More advanced features of this bot including: ▶ Send sources of any SFW anime pic within it's library ▶ Search sfw images by tags & ID ▶ Bookmark your favorite SFW images!

General Anime Fun Social



A full list of commands and features are accessible at!

Below is a quickstart of some of the core commands & features ^^


Send Cute SFW anime images with \sfw ^^

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Interested in who made the images? \source [ImageID] is there to help you find the creator!

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If you decide to go completly out of your senses and use \gettrash

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Bookmark your favorite images with \bm [imageID] [CustomName]

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Find more about this bot at!

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