Kazuma Bot is an easy to use Discord Bot, that is made to serve you the best discord experience possible.

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NEW Dog/Cat Command! Use /k dog / /k cat! NEW

/k help - get a list of all commands

Kazuma offers you a lot of possibilites on how to spice up your discord server!

Moderation Commands

Joinmessages and Leavemessages

with optional variables such as a Usermention, Membercount or the Servername

Autoroles! Set a role for new members

Create your own counting Channel and participate on the global leaderboard!

Fun Commands

Ask the 8Ball!

Get Someones Waifu Stats

ship yourself with someone

Get Information about Japanese Language.

View your profile. Profile Contains your Status, Birthday and XP!

Compile your own Brainfuck Code

Get random Dog and Cat Pictures

Kawaii Commands

cuddle, hug or even kiss your friends and lovers

^There are a lot more Commands than just those 3

Game Commands

Get Userstats for Osu! and Paladins!

Audit Log

We are serving you a clean audit log that just sends the information you need!

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