A bot with many useful moderation commands, special emoji commands, variety of server configuration commands and also lots of fun commands

General Moderation Fun Logging

,Havoc is a fun bot, with a bunch of commands in a wide range of categories.


Probably one of the most used command across all servers is the ,botclear command, here's a gif to illustrate exactly what it does

ā €

Nice šŸ˜ little emoji šŸ˜‚šŸ‘ embeds šŸ˜©

The bot comes with many custom emoji commands that are particularly useful for users without Discord Nitro. (dw not everyone can just randomly spam these, users require the HavocEmojis role to be able to use them)
ā €
,angery reeeeeeeeee

Here are all the available HavocEmojis

ā €

WhO DeLeTeD My mEsSaGe!!!1

Most of you probably already use Dyno's logs feature, but my bot offers more than Dyno's logs. It shows more details about the action, and sometimes it shows actions that Dyno doesn't show. I put together a comparison album so you can see for yourself and decide whether to switch from Dyno's logs (if you're currently using it) to ,HavocLogs, click here

ā €

aaaand here's the rest of the stuff

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