A bot with multi function for provide feature to all users

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for music, moderation or fun




Welcoming People's

ICW has many random cool-image & you can use a custom-image also.

Default prefix is $

Just type $help & you can set your custom-prefix too.

Clever-bot - chat with bot with mention it.


Music ->
command description
play start playing music from yt
radio play some radio stations
player control your music with button
pause pause the music player
resume resume the music player
volume change the music player volume
skip skip the song
prev play previews song
stop stop the music player
queue check the music player playlist
song check the current song
random play randomly from queue
join for join your voice-channel
leave for leave your voice-channel
autoremove remove previous song automatically
goto direct jump on a song on queue
shuffle play auto random song from queue
repeat repeat one song
autoplay for auto-join and auto-play song
Welcome ->
command description
welcome for check welcome panel
welcome on/off for turn on or off welcoming
welcome use-image turn on or off welcome images
welcome use-jointext turn on or off welcome join-text
welcome use-leavetext turn on or off user leave text
welcome use-customimage turn on or off custom welcome image
welcome use-userinfo turn on o off user-info
welcome set-customimage set custom image for welcome
welcome set-joinmessage set join message for welcome
welcome set-leavemessage set leave message
welcome set-channel set channel for welcome
welcome jointest @pk#1650 test the welcome
Useful ->
command description
avatar get avatar your or other users
afk set your offline status
bug-report report about any bugs
corona for getting corona(covid-19) updates
suggestion send a suggestion
feedback send a feedback
calculator calculate your math question
embedsay replace your message with embed style
permissions check yours or any user permission
say bot saying your message
servericon icon of server
serverinfo info about server
userinfo info about a member
weather check your city weather
command description
ping bot-ping test
invite bot invite link
stats about bot
help help section
uptime bot up-time
translate translate any language
Moderation ->
command description
warn for warn the member
kick for kick a member
ban for ban a member
hackban ban a user with user-id
purge for delete multiple messages
role add / remove roles and info about a role
prefix check prefix with mention the bot
mute mute a member
unmute unmute a member
Fun ->
command description
8ball ask it a question
emoji getting awesome emojis with search
emojifi replace text into emoji
hug hug anyone with mention
minecraft craft something for fun with minecraft skins
revers Write your text backwards
slot Win money by betting, but remember, you can lose everything!
yesorno Say yes or no with supergiffy
Settings ->
command description
autojoin automatic join your voice-channel
autoleave automatic leave your voice-channel
autorole automatic give role to new member
defaultvolume set music player default volume
easymode control music with reaction button on now-playing
npmessage turn on/off or set channel for now-playing message
prefix set your server prefix
settings view your server settings
welcome welcome or goodbye to new members with custom style

created by- @pk#1650 powered by- d.js

Enjoy this custom life, Hell Yeah!

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Prefix: $ and custom

Submitted: 01/20/2020

Resubmitted: 03/18/2020

Approved: 03/19/2020

Edited: 03/24/2020

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