It's a bot to get your status of online games and platforms

General Games


  • Paladins
  • Steam
  • Clash Royale
  • Osu!
  • Fortnite

A simple guide for the commands

  • Paladins -> gs.paladins <platform> <username> Retrives info about a paladins player
  • Steam -> gs.steam <SteamID> Retrives info about a Steam Player, like join date and country.
  • Clash Royale -> Two usages, for clans type clan <clan tag> for Players use, profile <player tag>
  • Osu! ->gs.osu <username> Retrives infos about a Osu! Player, like Rank and others.
  • Fortnite -> gs.fortnite <platform> <EpicGames Nickname> Like the others commands, retrives infos about a Fortnite Player

Other games will added in the future. If you want to suggest one, go to the bot guild and ping me!

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