Liven up your server with a fun and easy way to catch, collect and battle your favourite pokémon within Discord!

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Once you add the bot to a server, wild pokémon will begin randomly appearing as you chat. Compete with your friends to be the first to catch and add them to your collection!



Missing one of your favourites? Trade with your friends or make use of our global marketplace to view listings from millions of other users!



Build up your collection and train your strongest pokémon to take into battle, or try to complete your pokédex and catch ‘em all!


To get started, just type p!start! Once you've got your first pokémon, you can then use p!help to get a full list of commands and explanations on how to use them!

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Prefix: p!

Submitted: 04/20/2020

Approved: 04/25/2020

Edited: 05/09/2020

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