Minecraft bot built mainly to display Hypixel stats.

General Utility

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Hypixel Bot

Made to display Hypixel stats.

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Default prefix: h! or mention the bot using @Hypixel Bot

Bot Modules:

Type Description
Guild Owner Few commands only server owner can use.
Hypixel Gives you Hypixel related stuff.
Misc Some information about the bot.
Mod Helps staff manage the server.
Mojang Minecraft related information.


Command Description
Guild Owner Commands
move Moves users from channel to channel.
listroles Lists all the roles information.
messages Tells you how many messages were sent.
Hypixel Commands
hypixel Basic information about a player on the Hypixel Network.
hypixel [gamemode] Player's statistics for a specific gamemode.
Misc Commands
request Request new stuff for the bot.
about Displays bot stats.
invite Link for you to add the bot.
support Link for you to join the support server.
upvote Link to the upvote page.
Mod Commands
newusers Shows the 5 newest users.
cleanup Cleans the latest bot commands.
remove Removes messages that meet a criteria.
prefix Manages the server's custom prefixes.
minecraft names Lists someone's names history.
minecraft skin Shows someone's skin.
minecraft uuid Gives you someone's uuid.


  • h!hypixel Malwared
  • h!hypixel bedwars Malwared
  • h!minecraft skin Malwared


  • To get more information about a command use h!help [command]

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Submitted: 12/08/2019

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