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A multi-language discord bot with web panel


Command prefix: px! / [email protected] [Customizable]

Submitted: Jul 2, 2018 12:19 PM

Edited: Aug 21, 2018 8:41 PM

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PixelBOT is multi-purpose (All-In-One) bot developed by jas777#0261 and InBlue#0001. You can send complains/bug reports in #bug-reports on PixelBOT Official Discord

Supported languages

List not added yet due to progress bar issues


NOTE: text in <> is required argument, text in [] means optional argument


Command Aliases Description Usage Enabled
Help None Shows list of all available commands px!help [command] Yes
Debug None Screenshot of output will be needed when asking for help on support discord px!debug Yes
User info None Shows informations about user px!userinfo [user] Yes
Server info None Shows informations about server px!serverinfo Yes
Pixels None Shows all pixels/your pixel inventory px!pixels [inventory] Beta
Reminders None Sets a new reminder / shows list of reminders when no arguments are given px!reminders [new] [duration] [text] Yes


Command Aliases Description Usage Enabled
Profile None Shows your profile & level progress px!profile [user] Yes
Description desc Changes your "about me" section. Limit is 256 characters px!desc <description> Yes
Background bg Changes background shown in your profile px!background [list|set] [background] Yes
Color None Changes color shown in your profile px!color <HEX> Yes

Rest will be added later


Changelog for version 3.0.1

--- Changes ---

+ Music system
+ Profile (xp) system

- Fortnite command
- ISS command

--- Fixes ---

+ Improved stability
+ Improved performance
+ Fixed bug with user info command

--- Release Date ---

05 August 2018 17:00 UTC+2 (Released)

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