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Anime Games Moderation Web Dashboard Logging Fun Utility


Shuvi is a bot heavily focusing on moderation, information and utility. Offering a Starboard, Mod-Logs, Intensive Server logs and much more.


Command prefix: s!

Submitted: Aug 23, 2018 2:21 AM

Edited: Aug 23, 2018 2:21 AM

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H-Hi! I'm Shuvi. I'm an advanced robot with the aim to make your life on Discord better and more fun. I come with many features including but not limited to: Intense Moderation, Starboard, Anime/Image/Game look up, Urban Dictionary, Action commands (pat, hug and more). Of course I come with way more! Are you curious there is a minimal run down of my features on the top of this page if you click features. Oh? You only want to see my command list. Of course! You can see all of my command by clicking commands on the top of the page! If you are already convinced enough to invite me click the invite button at the top! I will make sure to not disappoint you :3 I-If I h-however do misbehave you can visit my support server by clicking the support button at the top and get the issue resolved. S-Sorry…

Command Categories Explained

  • Server Configuration Commands: With these commands you can change all sorts of settings in Shuvi. Like settings a log channel etc. You can also manage these from the dashboard you can find on the Web-Page.

  • Informational Commands: These commands exist to provide you information about something. This can range from Anime lookup to guild/user infos.

  • Moderation Commands: All these commands exist to make your life on discord easier by managing your server.

  • Action Commands: These commands are useful for interacting with others. You can pat, hug, bite and more.

  • Image Commands: These commands either give you a modified version of your avatar or some funny anime images about a certain topic.

  • Utility Commands: You can do almost (not really) anything with these commands. It can range from sniping deleted messages to getting the unicode for your message content.

  • Fun Commands: These commands exist to kill your boredom. They don't do much but they do kill time alot!