WolfieCBOT is a moderation and fun bot that can help manage your server!

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WolfieCBOT is a multipurpose bot with many commands. It can do many things, such as get a meme from r/dankmemes, or warn members. It also has many features, such as a verification system, a tag system, and much more.


🛠️ Moderation Commands

WolfieCBOT features many moderation commands to help manage your server! From warning people to hackbanning, WolfieCBOT has every moderation command you need!

😀 Fun Commands

WolfieCBOT features many fun commands for your server members to use! It has Reddit commands, weather commands, animal commands, and more!

💭 Information Commands

WolfieCBOT features many information commands. You can see who a member is, get information on a role, change server settings, and more! WolfieCBOT has you covered for all the information you need!

⚙️ Utility Commands

WolfieCBOT has many feature rich utility commands! From a tag system to verifying users, WolfieCBOT has all the utility commands that your server needs!

How to Use

WolfieCBOT is a very easy to use bot. You can pick and choose what permissions it has, and it will not effect the bot's functionality. Although please keep in mind that WolfieCBOT uses embeds heavily, and most commands will not work without them.

To get a list of commands, you can type wolf help or you can visit this page

Configuring the bot requires the Manage Server permission. You can view your current server settings by typing wolf settings. You can modify a setting very easily. To view the options, type wolf help settings.

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