Marcus is a community bot built upon being a family-friendly bot with the ability to enhance a Discord server with various features and commands.

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Marcus is a family-friendly community bot determined to enhance your discord server!  


🎵 Music 🎵

• Stream music with high quality!
• Grab lyrics to a song of your choice!
• Use playlists in queues!
• Toggle repeat or shuffle on the queue!
• Seek through audio clips to the desired spot!

💰 Currency 💰

• Get coins for every message sent (1 minute cooldown!)
• Spend coins on special commands like slots!

🤖 Automated Moderation 🤖

• Marcus can automatically delete discord invites!
• Marcus can automatically remove links!

🔨 Moderation 🔨

• Kick, Ban, and Softban users!
• Log Punishments in Audit Log and in a channel!
• Warn users and purge messages in a channel or from a specific user!

🛠️ Utility 🛠️

• Get server and/or user information and user avatars!
• Calculate mathematical expressions!
• Google things with safesearch protection!
• Set an automatic join role!

🎮 Fun 🎮

• Play Russian Roulette!
• Roll random numbers or flip a coin!
• Get funny dad jokes or ask the magic 8ball a question!
• Punch, Slap, Hug, or give others cookies!
What are you waiting for! Add him today! Marcus has a friendly support and staff team ready to help you whenever you need us! Remember to support us by upvoting us on this page!  
Created and Owned by Marc and Jake.
Marcus Version v5.02.0 (DECEMBER 30TH, 2018)

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Prefix: m!

Submitted: Dec 8, 2018 10:30 PM

Edited: Jan 3, 2019 1:07 PM