Community-driven bot for Gachapon, Collectibles and Overall entertainment. Solid and ellaborate Economy System. The prettiest minigames. Support currency exchange between other bots. • Online dashboard • Over 10 Languages • Fun minigames (like, really fun) • The best marriage system around. Including rings and even lawyers in case of a divorce! • And more!

General Anime Moderation Fun Games Economy Logging Multiple Languages Roleplay Levels Social Web Dashboard Utility NSFW

Pollux is an all-around cosmetic, collectionist and social bot. Her key features are focused on entertainment.

Some basic yet powerful moderation and community management options are also included for convenience.


Everything in Pollux is design to feel and look pretty and pleasant to use and look at. She has arguably the best option of Profile Cards out there. And undeniably the prettiest minigames.



Profiles give a lot of liberty to express your style while still keeping a unified design. You can customize a variety of things such as:

  • Background Picture
  • Medals
  • Tagline
  • Personal Text
  • Flair
  • Frame
  • Accent Color
  • Stickers

Some of these are obtained with our in-bot currency: Rubines, explained below.


Pollux has a simple currency system on its essence, but very complex on its functions.

We process over 10 thousand transactions every day! Across 3 different currencies. The currencies are centralised and cannot be inflated by users. Pollux allows you to trade her currency with a few verified bots, giving you an extra source of income for both.

Our 3 currencies have very specific uses

  • Rubines

The main currency, used to buy everything in the bot from cosmetics to items. Can be obtained from Lootboxes, Dailies, Exchanges, and much more! Rubines are not and will not be obtainable with real money under any circumstances, they're free for everyone.

  • Jades

The secondary "currency", used mostly for synthesis and crafting of items and some cosmetics.

  • Sapphires

The premium currency to buy stuff effortlessly or some premium items. They are awarded to donators, and also for free as a reward for participating in events. They are also given to users who complete over 200-daily streak!


  • Pollux has an exciting Overwatch-like Lootbox system, with some cool improvements like the ability to reroll the content if you don't like it. The cost of rerolling starts really small, and grows up as you have more items in your inventory. Although, the cost of rerolling will never exceed the retail price of the most expensive item obtainable from it.


This one is unique to Pollux! Global cross-server events that can be played either in groups or individually. In which you obtain rare items, exclusive cosmetics, and even some physical goods as prizes!

The warmest family

Pollux has unarguably the most active and healthy community from all other bot servers. Especially during events. Users engage in a variety of activities together, some with Pollux included. We have small communities of Russian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish speaking users as well. Join the support server and have a look!


The ranking system is what you would expect from every bot. But with some added flair and some depth of customizability (for servers)

and many more!

Pollux has a whole variety of features to explore, add her to your server and try for yourself! Some more features include:

  • Online dashboard
  • Over 10 Languages (Including Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and more!)
  • Fun minigames (like, really fun)
  • Secret Commands
  • Image Commands
  • The best marriage system around. Including rings and even lawyers in case of a divorce!

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