Cat is a multipurpose bot with a high quality music player that includes a custom playlist system, has games including an RPG adventure system and casino, and moderation tools including automoderation.

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Audio/Music player

  • custom playlist system for each server
  • plays many commercial services (YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, Shoutcast/Icy/http streams, etc…)
  • does not disconnect except if it's commanded to disconnect, or the bot is restarted (usually every week or two) and allows volume changes, unlike many other commercial audio bots

Games for your Discord

  • Global Adventure/RPG game with item drops, loot boxes, character sheets, classes to choose from at level 10, 1000's of combos of npcs and characteristics
  • Casino games like blackjack, hilo, coins, craps, slot machine
  • Global Cards Against Humanity games
  • Unbelievaboat-style commands like rob, work, steal
  • NotSoBot-like image manipulation

Guild activity generation

  • Run raffles/giveaways with the bot
  • Use reaction roles
  • A chat based leveler system:
    • image-based global profiles and server-based ranks
    • guild-based badges that can be displayed on the profile
    • automatic role awarding can be tied to levels
    • existing Mee6 levels for a guild can be converted to this leveler's system

And other various cool guild helpers…

  • Set your own server-based prefix for the bot with c!set serverprefix
  • Starboard for popular chat posts
  • Mod tools with an in-depth reporting system
  • World of Warcraft Classic item lookup, with quest lookup coming soon™
  • Customisable image-based welcome banners for your new members
  • RSS feeds for keeping track of fandom related news
  • Translation available through reactions after mod approval/setup on the server
  • Commands to tally and list who is playing certain games on the server
  • Streaming-based role awarding

More indepth command information and usage can be found at

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